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Currently a derelict former sausage factory the premises has been empty for over 5 years. The building in the heart of Colmenar is to be brought back into use as an Art gallery by the new owner to open in Spring 2019.

The gallery will be free for all to enjoy and open Wednesday to Sunday.

Colmenar is a beautiful village in the northern part of the Málaga mountains (Montes de Málaga) set on the edge of both the Axarquía and the municipality of Antequera. It is 32 kilometres from the centre of Málaga. It is the perfect place to unwind and experience the real taste of true Andalucian lifestyle set in sumptuous surroundings along the “Olive Oil and Mountain Route”.

Each year on May 1st there is a unique Art event; artists are provided with a date-stamped canvas and have 24 hours to paint an image of Colmenar. The event is in its tenth year and a handful of the best images are on display at the Town Hall. They range from abstract to realistic and are a fascinating interpretation of this beautiful Andalusian village. The gallery will now provide a home for these fantastic interpretations of Colmenar.

The new owner is Chris Williamson a British Architect who works in the UK and abroad. His profile can be viewed HERE
He has also designed and built the Jardin Panoramico boutique hotel in Colmenar due to open Spring 2019: www.jardinpanoramico.com

Alongside the works of the Colmenar artists the gallery will feature the following spaces.

The Museum

Four distinct visiting areas

Take time to explore these four distinctive and carefully curated collections.

Gallery One

Permanent Collection

The permanent collection featuring amongst other the works of Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Julian Opie. These artworks have been collected over 30 years based on the owner’s love of Pop art from an early age. The works include several of Warhol’s Cowboys and Indians series and the works of his successors and collaborators such as Steve Kaufmann and Russell Young who often work with the similar images.

Gallery Two


A collection of 25 icons of St Nicholas contrasted with the Santa Claus images of Andy Warhol. The icons are from 17th century to 19th century eastern Europe. They were usually painted as an act of devotion with each brush stroke accompanied by prayer. They were not intended to be exact copies and some are quite different which for me adds to the appeal when viewed en masse. St Nicholas is a popular figure because he was the patron saint of Georgia, Albania, Russia, the Republic of Macedonia, Slovakia, Serbia, and Montenegro. and known as a miracle worker. One of my favouites depicts his twelve miracles as a border to the main image. Most cost are a few hundred euros others a few thousand.

The Andy Warhol images were by contrast created in an entirely different process for his 1981 Series Myths and Legends. Warhol took a few Polaroid shots from different angles of Macy’s Santa Claus. He selected his favourite and projected the image onto paper, which he then traced over to create the basis of the print. He tried different colour versions of the image on trial proofs before selecting the one he preferred and he created 200 identical prints, which contrast with the individuality of the Icons. It is worth noting that one of the Warhol prints is worth several times more than any of the individually crafted centuries old unique paintings.

Gallery Three


In the photography Gallery one of the highlights are 2 photographs taken 45 years apart. “Poolside Gossip,” 1970 taken by the society photographer Slim Aarons at the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs, Calif., has become as much a symbol of modernism as the Richard Neutra home that was its setting. Modernism Week, recently arranged for two of the women in the photo to return to the Kaufmann House: Nelda Linsk, who owned the home when the photo was taken, and Helen Kaptur, who was married for many years to the midcentury architect Hugh Kaptur. (The third woman, walking alongside the pool, was Lita Baron, an actress.)

Gallery Four


A sculpture gallery of contemporary works which examines the iconography of classical presentation such as the work of Jamie Fitzpatrick who deals with the rhetoric of image making, the relevance of the figure and how objects and totemic gestures such as flags, statues or plinths are used within the work to impose forms of power and control.

In addition there will be a courtyard café/restaurant, an outdoor sculpture garden and an educational resource centre.

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We look forward to welcoming you to this unique gallery which is set within a beautiful corner of Andalusia.
This fresh and exciting collection has been curated with enormous care, bringing enjoyment now and for future generations.

Galeria Colmenar

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 The gallery will be free for all to enjoy and open Wednesday to Sunday.

Galeria Colmenar


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